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Toyota Fleet

We worked with Toyota to develop a new strategy and acquisition program for Fleet Sales.

Most automotive brands produce expensive, printed brochures and other sales collateral, using a ‘one size fits all’ approach to getting their fleet line-up in front of potential buyers at trade shows, conferences, and other fleet-related events.

We took a different approach: a tablet-based app that customizes sales and marketing materials specific to each potential buyer – giving them information only on the vehicles they are actually interested in purchasing.

Although the app was built for the fleet sales team to use when talking to potential buyers, it can be installed in stand-alone, self-serve kiosks.

Here’s how it works: As a first step, the app collects the potential buyer’s primary contact info. Next, the buyer selects the vehicles they are interested in from the entire Toyota line-up.

Once finished with their selections, our application builds a customized PDF for them on the fly, which is then automatically emailed to them.

Toyota’s fleet sales team, in turn, receives a notification of the buyer’s primary contact info and list of selected vehicles.

The app runs on iPad and includes an offline mode. If the iPad isn’t connected to the Internet, the application will store data until a connection is made and then send in bulk.

We built the application for iOS devices, using React Native, and Ruby on Rails. Using React Native enables us to build out other platforms quickly (web, Android, etc) if business requirements expand.


Michael Gramlow


Tim Scollick