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Fleet iOS App


React Native, Ruby on Rails

A Personalized Sales Experience for Every Fleet Buyer

Custom Solutions on the Go with Toyota’s Fleet Sales iOS App

In a strategic initiative to enhance its fleet sales program, Toyota partnered with Wonderthing to create a cutting-edge iOS app tailored to meet the specific needs of potential fleet buyers.

This bilingual, tablet-based application revolutionizes how Toyota presents its fleet vehicles, offering a highly personalized sales and marketing experience directly at the fingertips of each prospect.

The app allows prospects to select and explore only the vehicles they are interested in. Once selections are made, users can input their contact information, triggering a server-side application built with Ruby on Rails to generate a customized PDF. This tailored document detailing the selected fleet vehicles is automatically emailed to the prospect, streamlining the information delivery process.

Toyota Fleet iOS app screenshots
Toyota Fleet iOS app screenshots

Personalizing the Path to Purchase for Fleet Clients

The app’s capability to customize content significantly enhances the buying experience, allowing Toyota to target and engage each prospect with relevant information effectively.

This personalized approach improves customer satisfaction and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of Toyota’s fleet sales strategy.

Developed using React Native, the app offers seamless functionality across iOS devices, ensuring a robust, responsive user experience that is accessible and convenient for all users.

This innovative tool is vital to Toyota’s new strategy and acquisition program. It demonstrates the power of customized technology solutions in enhancing business-to-business sales and marketing efforts.