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Roadside Assistance Email Program


Ruby on Rails, Sendgrid

Driving Loyalty with Toyota’s Roadside Assistance Renewal Program

Optimizing Renewals with a Targeted Email Strategy

Wonderthing redefined how Toyota engages with customers through a robust, fully automated email campaign designed to streamline the roadside assistance renewal process.

This innovative approach nurtures customer loyalty and taps into a significant new revenue stream for Toyota.

Our team developed a sophisticated application using Ruby on Rails, integrated with SendGrid, to manage monthly email deliveries to an extensive user list.

Each email is personalized with the owner’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and contact details, which are automatically populated on the e-commerce platform to facilitate a seamless and quick checkout process, whether on mobile or desktop.

Toyota Roadside Assistance Renewal Email screens
Toyota Roadside Assistance Renewal Email screens

Enhanced User Experience and Conversion

The automated system handles all aspects of user management and provides comprehensive analytics, including standard email interaction rates and detailed conversion metrics from the e-commerce platform.

This data-driven approach allows Toyota to optimize communications and continuously improve customer engagement strategies.

This project supports Toyota’s commitment to exceptional service and demonstrates the potential of targeted digital marketing to drive significant business outcomes.

Toyota Roadside Assistance Renewal Email screens