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Capturing Twitter’s Top Ad Slot During the Kentucky Derby

Maker’s Mark Twitter First View Campaign

In a strategic collaboration with Twitter and Doe Anderson, Wonderthing crafted an engaging Twitter First View campaign for Maker’s Mark, strategically timed to coincide with the Kentucky Derby.

This exclusive advertising opportunity placed Maker’s Mark in Twitter’s most coveted advertising space—the top ad slot for 24 hours—with a compelling video-based ad that captivated viewers.

The campaign centered around an interactive in-app quiz, inviting users to test their skills at mixing the perfect Mint Julep, the iconic cocktail synonymous with the Kentucky Derby. This engaging format not only entertained viewers but also deepened their connection with the Maker’s Mark brand during a culturally significant event.

Interactive Engagement with a Mixology Twist

After viewing the ad, users were drawn into a mixology challenge, where they were scored on their Mint Julep-making prowess. Completing the quiz unlocked a feature allowing them to share their score on Twitter, encouraging friends and followers to participate by quote-tweeting the original ad.

This interactive element added a competitive layer to the campaign, significantly enhancing user engagement and broadening its reach.

The Maker’s Mark First View campaign exemplifies how targeted, interactive advertising can amplify event-centric marketing efforts.

By leveraging Twitter’s First View during the Kentucky Derby, Maker’s Mark achieved prime visibility and engaged users in a memorable, shareable experience promoting both the event and the brand.

Maker's Mark Twitter First View Mint Julep Quiz screenshots
Maker's Mark Twitter First View Mint Julep Quiz screenshots