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Interactive Gaming Meets Business Insights at CES

The American Express Small Business Bigshot Game

Blending digital and physical interaction, Wonderthing collaborated with Momentum to create the “Small Business Bigshot Game,” a unique installation unveiled at CES.

This large-scale endeavor served as an innovative lead-generation tool and a captivating attraction that combined gaming with real-time interactive elements.

Centered around a multiplayer trivia game, the installation featured four touchscreens where participants competed in business-related quizzes. The real magic, however, happened on a 21-foot tall tower adorned with LED-backlit cubes that responded dynamically to the players’ answers.

Correct answers caused a player’s cube to ascend, while incorrect ones sent it descending. The game was accompanied by striking lighting sequences that captivated bystanders.

Synchronizing Technology with User Interaction

The technical execution of integrating touchscreens with mechanical cubes presented significant challenges. Each cube was programmed to rise or fall along its column based on the players’ trivia performance, requiring precise coordination between the game software, the cube motors, and the lighting systems.

This integration was crucial for ensuring that the physical movements and visual cues enhanced the gaming experience without delays.

Practice stations were also set up to give participants a hands-on tutorial of the game mechanics before they stepped onto the main stage, ensuring everyone could engage confidently and effectively.

The “Small Business Bigshot Game” highlighted American Express’s commitment to supporting small businesses and setting new standards for interactive installations at significant events.

Amex small business bigshot game screens
Amex small business bigshot game screens