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After Effects, Lottie/BodyMovin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Animating Principles With MRM McCann’s Dynamic Rebrand

Visualizing Core Values with Cutting-Edge Animation

In a creative partnership with MRM//McCann, Wonderthing redefined the agency’s rebranding by developing an innovative website.

This platform is a showcase of the agency’s rebrand and a vivid representation of MRM’s guiding principles, brought to life through detailed typographic animations and authentic employee imagery.

Utilizing Airbnb’s open-source Bodymovin and Lottie technology, the site enables animations to be meticulously crafted and rendered directly from Adobe After Effects. This integration allows for fluid, captivating animations that engage viewers and communicate the essence of MRM’s culture and values.

MRM McCann Rebrand Website Screenshots
MRM McCann Rebrand Website Screenshots

An Immersive Brand Experience

The heart of this project is a single-screen parallax scrolling site, a format that Wonderthing developed to seamlessly house the After Effects animations. This approach enhances the visual appeal and improves user interaction, making exploring the agency’s principles a dynamic and immersive experience.

This rebranding initiative has set a new benchmark for internal corporate communications, merging advanced technology with creative storytelling to effectively reflect MRM//McCann’s revamped identity. The site serves as a central hub for fostering a unified understanding of the agency’s mission among employees, encouraging engagement and alignment with the brand’s core values.