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Escape the Office iOS Game



Captivating Small Business Leads with Interactive Gameplay

Engage and Explore with American Express’s ‘Escape the Office’ iOS Game

Wonderthing collaborated with Momentum to design and develop the ‘Escape the Office’ iOS game to generate valuable leads for Amex’s small business products and services.

This iOS app immerses players in a captivating iSpy-style robotics lab. They navigate text-based clues to locate hidden objects in a race against time.

After entering their details in a lead-gen form, players embark on a quest to identify objects hinted at by the clues. The challenge escalates with each level, increasing the game’s difficulty and continually engaging players to test their observation and deduction skills.

Amex Escape the Office game screens
Amex Escape the Office game screens

Strategic Gaming for Enhanced User Engagement

Scoring in ‘Escape the Office’ hinges on speed and accuracy—players earn points for quickly identifying correct objects, while penalties for incorrect selections add a layer of strategy and caution.

This scoring mechanism enhances the gameplay experience and cleverly integrates with the lead generation process, keeping players motivated and engaged.

The game dynamically increases complexity as players advance through multiple levels, encouraging prolonged interaction and deeper engagement with American Express branding and offerings.