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Sunkist Global Website


WordPress Multisite

Unified Brand, Localized Content

Powering Sunkist’s Global Digital Strategy with WordPress Multisite

To strengthen Sunkist’s global footprint while respecting local nuances, we collaborated with Edelman to overhaul the Sunkist international web presence.

The challenge was significant: develop a centralized platform that adhered strictly to Sunkist’s brand guidelines yet allowed for regional customization in language and content.

The solution was a sophisticated WordPress Multisite implementation tailored to empower diverse regional markets – from the US to Japan to French Canada to Malaysia – to seamlessly manage and update their content—from citrus availability to local recipes.

Grid of Sunkist global website screens
Grid of Sunkist global website screens

Global Reach With a Local Touch

This project streamlined content management across different regions and maintained a consistent visual identity, crucial for Sunkist’s brand integrity.

Each local team now operates a user-friendly interface that supports real-time updates and additions, ensuring that each market’s unique offerings and cultural specifics are communicated effectively under a unified brand umbrella.

The result is a robust, scalable digital ecosystem that aligns with Sunkist’s vision for a cohesive yet flexible global presence, enhancing consumer engagement worldwide.

Sunkist global website screenshots
Sunkist global website screenshots