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Ask Troy Virtual Assistant


Natural Language Processing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

AI Meets Gardening Expertise in the Ask Troy Virtual Assistant

Advanced AI to Navigate Troy-Bilt’s Product Range

In collaboration with Marcus Thomas, Wonderthing elevated Troy-Bilt’s online shopping experience through the innovative “Ask Troy” virtual assistant, integrated across multiple digital touchpoints like Messenger, display ads, and the Company’s official website.

Powered by machine learning and natural language processing technologies, “Ask Troy” comprehends user queries and delivers insightful product recommendations and comparisons.

By engaging with the virtual assistant, customers can articulate their needs through free-form text or opt for a guided experience with intuitive buttons. This interactive journey simplifies finding the perfect Troy-Bilt product by filtering choices that best match their specific gardening needs.

Ask Troy Virtual Assistant - Messenger and website screenshots
Ask Troy Virtual Assistant - Messenger and website screenshots

Enhancing Customer Interaction and Satisfaction

The “Ask Troy” platform personalizes the shopping experience and captures valuable analytics on user interactions. This data includes metrics such as average time spent and interaction rates, enabling continuous refinement of user experiences.

The assistant’s seamless integration across platforms has made it a pivotal tool in transforming how customers select and compare Troy-Bilt products, leading to a more informed and satisfying purchase process.

Award-Winning, User-Centric Shopping Assistant

This AI-driven approach has garnered significant accolades, including the ‘Best Use of Content Involving Artificial Intelligence’ from the Content Marketing Awards, emphasizing its impact on content delivery and customer engagement.

“Ask Troy” sets a new standard in digital customer service, providing a robust, scalable solution that enhances user engagement and drives sales through a deep understanding of customer needs and behaviors.

Ask Troy Virtual Assistant - Website desktop and mobile screenshots
Ask Troy Virtual Assistant - Website desktop and mobile screenshots