Polk Audio

To capture interest in Polk Audio’s new wireless speaker line, we designed and developed “The Concert in Your Home” poster generator.

The web app lets users create a completely unique, high-resolution poster reflecting their visual and musical tastes.

The experience is integrated with Facebook, allowing users to use one of their Facebook photos in the poster. Alternatively, the app provides a number of pre-selected hi-res photos for use in the posters.

The UI allows for customization of poster style (from techno to hand-drawn), layout, color palette, font, image filters and textures, and text – resulting in virtually infinite possibilities to personalize the poster for each user.

Once the user completes their design, the poster is rendered as a high-resolution PDF on the server and is delivered to the user within seconds.

Polk Audio Poster Generator Lockup
Polk Audio Poster Generator Start Screen
Pol Audio Poster Generator Posters
Polk Audio Poster Generator Customization

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