American Express

Like our other work for American Express, the “Escape the Office” game is essentially a lead-generation application that incorporates an engaging game experience.

After filling in a lead-gen form and registering, players are shown a set of clues in an iSpy-style robotics lab. Players must then find each object hinted at in the clues in a race against the clock.

Scoring is based on how quickly a player finds the correct object in the robotics lab scene, with time deducted for selecting an incorrect object. Multiple levels/rounds keep players engaged as difficulty increases.

The game debuted at CES 2017 and was followed up with a similar version for other trade show venues.

This project was designed and developed for Amex agency Momentum New York at our previous company. As with our other Amex projects, the goal behind this was to generate small business leads for various Amex products and services.

Amex iSpy Game Attractor Screen
Amex iSpy Game Robotics Lab
Amex iSpy Game Score Screen
Amex iSpy Game Robotics Sketches

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